Only in New Orleans. Reason brings us what was aptly described as “arguably the easiest collar in the annals of policework.”  A city attorney was arrested when a joint fell out of his pocket while he was talking to a couple of police officers in a courtroom.

Might I suggest leaving your weed at home when you go to work next time?  Most especially when you work around a bunch of people whose job it is to put people in jail for that sort of thing.  Just a suggestion.



Steal My Steak, Willya?

Talk about a catfight.  You go, girl.


Abraham Who?

I notice that President Obama didn’t list the Siege of Petersburg on his accomplishments.  He’s modest that way.

US Grant consults President Obama

It’s not Michael Ramirez or Stoaty Weasel, but I thought it moderately amusing.

Update:  Sarjex finds us another photo of an important historical personality in conference with the Prezzy.

Sand: Not the Best Material for Handling the Rain

There’s a sand sculpture of President Obama in Charlotte a few blocks from the convention hall.  The sculpture’s taken some damage from periodic rainstorms that come through the area.

A torrential downpour that struck Charlotte on Saturday afternoon damaged the Mount Rushmore-style sand sculpture bust of President Obama — an ominous beginning to what many fear is a plagued convention.

Kinda creepy, actually


Most of the damage seems to be near the base of the sculpture, as it’s covered by an overhead breezeway.  Ironic that the  convention is in North Carolina, the sculpture is sponsored by a city in South Carolina, and the sand is from an inland mine.

But landlocked Charlotte is nearly 200 miles from the ocean — and the sand is actually from a mine in South Carolina.

Looks like there will be a few jobs created or saved…at least until the end of the convention while workers patch up damage after every good thunderstorm.

I’m Certain that His Friend Learned a Valuable Lesson

Though I’m not sure that it was the one intended.

A South Carolina man has died after demonstrating the proper way to shoot yourself in the head police say.

Police say the death was an accident and Mr Gagum didn’t realize the black handgun was loaded, firing off on the third squeeze.

If there are bright, brass-colored thingies visible in the chamber, you might not want to point it at your head.


I will stipulate that, given the outcome, he was totally right about the proper way to do it.  So there’s that.

Just Imagine My Surprise

I find it interesting that for generations now, the mantra of feminism has been how harmful sexual objectification is for women’s mental health.  I seem to recall being told that women were more than a pretty set of curves (not that there’s anything wrong with that–I happen to like a nice set of curves, but I digress…), but that they were also valuable for their intelligence, wisdom, and leadership skills.  I’m also informed that gender wage gaps are bad.  Finally, I am bombarded with the notion that this is all the fault of the paternalistic right-wing whackos.

And yet…

I now hear that there’s a war on women, fought mainly by the resistance to giving out free contraceptives.   I consider myself libertarian on most social issues, and I don’t begrudge a woman the right to use contraception if she wishes.  I just don’t believe that society  should be made to pay for it.  And I certainly don’t believe that someone who has religious qualms about birth control should be required to pitch in.  But that seems to be enough to label me as a right-wing whackjob who hates women and stuff.

And yet…

Of course, there really doesn’t seem to be too much to get outrageously outraged about.  America has women governors, cabinet secretaries, senators, and respected business leaders across the board.  Is it perfectProbably not, but only a damned fool would say progress has not been steady and continuing.

And yet…

The arguments that I hear coming from the left are all about sex.  I hear very little about the evils of sexual objectification.  In fact, it seems to be the goal.  Perhaps this is the result of realizing that there really has been tremendous progress, and still absolutely aching to be outraged about something.  Or maybe it’s just desperation.  Whatever the reason, it now gives us the, dare I say, hysterical, image of leftist protesters at the RNC dressing up as ridiculously huge vaginas while holding signs demanding that the GOP respect women.

I’ll respect you as soon as I stop laughing at you.


So far the Republican party is leading on the economy.  If this is all the democrats have in the quiver, I see a W in the gender column for the GOP, too.

Not Smart

Not a particularly bright move on the part of the staffer in question.

Granted it wasn’t quite as bad as the dustup during the Coakley campaign (as Prof Jacobson reminds us), but it’s still not a smart reaction to an opposition tracker.  A tracker who is likely trying to get that very sort of reaction on camera.

Trackers have become a fact of life on the campaign trail, thanks to the decline in the cost of recording everything.  In fact, this is precisely the kind of thing that trackers want to catch on camera, along with candidate gaffes and inconsistencies.  How smart is it to hand that kind of event to one’s opponent on a silver platter?

The candidate who lets his staff, or himself, loose their cool in front of a camera doesn’t usually have things end well for them.

And So the War on Women Continues

Vodkapundit brings us the cheerful news that North Korea has repealed a law banning women from riding bicycles.

The new government up north is trying to come up with inexpensive things it can do that will improve morale. One recent action was to repeal a 1990s law that prohibited women from riding bicycles.

Of course, the woman-hating neanderthals in charge in this country would never be so generous.  The poor and downtrodden women in this country could only dream of one day riding a bike in the city.  Or perhaps they dream of not getting stoned to death for adultery.  I understand honor killings suck, too.

Some day the plant of liberty will flower and spread the pollen of equality throughout the stamens of oppression.  When that day comes, we shall raise our voices to praise the lord and pass the antihistamine.

Man Bites (Cold-blooded) Dog Moment

Well, a man-bites-snake-moment, actually.  A cobra, to be exact.

“I could have killed it with a stick but bit it with my teeth instead because I was angry,” Miya was quoted as saying.

I don’t blame the man.  Oh…and remind me not to piss him off if I’m ever in Nepal.

Scary Critters in the News

Seems there’s been a rash of scary beasts cropping up in the news lately.  Slow news day?  Or something more sinister?

Boy Scouts Stone Beaver to Death.  I swear that I’m not making this up.  The article says it was rabid and had attacked the scout leader; it was not in violation of some obscure provision of Sharia law, as I’d initially surmised.  Jimmy Carter was unavailable for comment.

Damned Big Python Found in the Everglades.  The University of Florida may have to scrap the Gator mascot.  A few more snakes this size and they’ll all have been eaten.

Great white shark video.  A white shark swimming in Cape Cod Bay.  Cue the music.  You know the music I’m talking about:

Sleep well.