And So the War on Women Continues

Vodkapundit brings us the cheerful news that North Korea has repealed a law banning women from riding bicycles.

The new government up north is trying to come up with inexpensive things it can do that will improve morale. One recent action was to repeal a 1990s law that prohibited women from riding bicycles.

Of course, the woman-hating neanderthals in charge in this country would never be so generous.  The poor and downtrodden women in this country could only dream of one day riding a bike in the city.  Or perhaps they dream of not getting stoned to death for adultery.  I understand honor killings suck, too.

Some day the plant of liberty will flower and spread the pollen of equality throughout the stamens of oppression.  When that day comes, we shall raise our voices to praise the lord and pass the antihistamine.


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