Human Is

One of my favorite short stories is called Human Is by Phillip K. Dick.  One of my favorite blogs is The Bloggess, for different reasons.  It’s rare that the two intertwine.  However, I find it interesting and, in fact, comforting that they did in this post.

If you’re not familiar with the Bloggess, she’s a whimsical Texan with a fondness for taxidermied critters and chickens made from oil cans.  She also has quite the fan base with the comments in her posts routinely running into the 100s.  What started out as a silly post about drive-through gun/liquor stores and tiny sasquatches quickly changed in the comments when an Anonymous commenter (#94) broached some thoughts about suicide.  Specifically, her own.

There have been over 250 comments since.  Not a single one references the post.  All are offering what help they can and/or begging #94 to get some help and to stick it out.  It’s an outpouring of humanity and love that…

Sometimes, words just fail me.