Just Imagine My Surprise

I find it interesting that for generations now, the mantra of feminism has been how harmful sexual objectification is for women’s mental health.  I seem to recall being told that women were more than a pretty set of curves (not that there’s anything wrong with that–I happen to like a nice set of curves, but I digress…), but that they were also valuable for their intelligence, wisdom, and leadership skills.  I’m also informed that gender wage gaps are bad.  Finally, I am bombarded with the notion that this is all the fault of the paternalistic right-wing whackos.

And yet…

I now hear that there’s a war on women, fought mainly by the resistance to giving out free contraceptives.   I consider myself libertarian on most social issues, and I don’t begrudge a woman the right to use contraception if she wishes.  I just don’t believe that society  should be made to pay for it.  And I certainly don’t believe that someone who has religious qualms about birth control should be required to pitch in.  But that seems to be enough to label me as a right-wing whackjob who hates women and stuff.

And yet…

Of course, there really doesn’t seem to be too much to get outrageously outraged about.  America has women governors, cabinet secretaries, senators, and respected business leaders across the board.  Is it perfectProbably not, but only a damned fool would say progress has not been steady and continuing.

And yet…

The arguments that I hear coming from the left are all about sex.  I hear very little about the evils of sexual objectification.  In fact, it seems to be the goal.  Perhaps this is the result of realizing that there really has been tremendous progress, and still absolutely aching to be outraged about something.  Or maybe it’s just desperation.  Whatever the reason, it now gives us the, dare I say, hysterical, image of leftist protesters at the RNC dressing up as ridiculously huge vaginas while holding signs demanding that the GOP respect women.

I’ll respect you as soon as I stop laughing at you.


So far the Republican party is leading on the economy.  If this is all the democrats have in the quiver, I see a W in the gender column for the GOP, too.


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