Only in New Orleans. Reason brings us what was aptly described as “arguably the easiest collar in the annals of policework.”  A city attorney was arrested when a joint fell out of his pocket while he was talking to a couple of police officers in a courtroom.

Might I suggest leaving your weed at home when you go to work next time?  Most especially when you work around a bunch of people whose job it is to put people in jail for that sort of thing.  Just a suggestion.



I’m Certain that His Friend Learned a Valuable Lesson

Though I’m not sure that it was the one intended.

A South Carolina man has died after demonstrating the proper way to shoot yourself in the head police say.

Police say the death was an accident and Mr Gagum didn’t realize the black handgun was loaded, firing off on the third squeeze.

If there are bright, brass-colored thingies visible in the chamber, you might not want to point it at your head.


I will stipulate that, given the outcome, he was totally right about the proper way to do it.  So there’s that.

Air France Goes Dutch

An Air France jetliner on the way to Beirut had to stop for fuel in Damascus, where, as the pilot’s credit card was no good, he had to ask the passengers to chip in a few bucks for fuel. Fortunately for the passengers, a suitable payment method was found and  the aircraft made its way safely to Cyprus.

The article states that there was fighting in Beirut, leading the pilot to decide to divert first to Amman, Jordon, but a lack of fuel forced an emergency stop in Damascus.  I’m sure that the passengers were delighted to be safe from the gunplay in Beirut.  After all, nothing like that is currently happening in the peaceful land that is Syria.