No, We don’t Belong to the Government. The Government Belongs to Us

I hope this is a practical joke.  I really hope this is some troll looking to cause outrageous outrage in the conservative/libertarian blogsphere and laugh about how gullible we are.  Because if not…ugh.

We belong to the government?  Really?  Are the democrats that tone deaf or did they just decide to stop pretending?

h/t Ace

Update:  Alas, not a practical joke.  Per Hot Air, the Romney campaign has already responded.  Looks like they’re one of the 3 people that actually read this blog.

Yes, rest assured, Romney and the GOP are already working on ads about this. It’s the GOP that cut the clip and circulated it, in fact. Mitt himself evidently can’t wait to get started:

We don’t belong to government, the government belongs to us.

— Mitt Romney (@MittRomney) September 4, 2012

Though I suspect it’s not Mitt reading my blog so much as I’m not as original as I thought.


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