Best Rejection Notice Response Ev-vah

When budding sports agent Taylor Grey Meyer received the umpteenth rejection notice from the San Diego Padres organization, she figured that it was about par for the course in this economy.  Either that, or someone in the organization did not particularly find her resume enthralling.  However, shortly thereafter, she recieved a follow-up email inviting her to come by a job fair.

On Sun, Aug 5, 2012 at 10:09 AM, <[Redacted]> wrote

Hi Taylor,

I wanted to reach out to you as you had previously applied for a position here with the Padres to join our Inside Sales Program. While it may not have been a fit at the time, we appreciate your interest in the position and encourage you to pursue your dream of working in professional sports.

With that being said, I wanted to make sure you are aware of an opportunity to get your start and to pursue a career in sports. Dr. Bill Sutton, author of Sports Marketing, has asked our organization to host the Sports Sales Combine here at Petco Park on September 14-15. It will be the first ever West Coast Combine! As a Combine attendee you would have the opportunity to spend quality time with the hiring managers for multiple teams from different leagues across the country.

Following a link that [Redacted] helpfully included  at the bottom of the email gives us the following tidbit of information (my emphasis):

* Registration fee for this unique sales experience is only $495 and includes the following:
* Two days of hands-on sales training, prospecting and sales call experience;
* Access to a network of professional sales managers from NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL teams as well as
other attending sport properties;
* Sport Sales Combine Scouting Report. A comprehensive overview of the attendee’s Combine
performance including feedback from participating coaches;
* Mixer and networking opportunities
* GUARANTEED interview with at least one hiring team/property; and,
* Access to a discounted rate at a local hotel.
* Access to the Padres v. Rockies series the weekend of September 14 & 15, 2012.

So, not only is the Padres organization so popular that they hire only the cream of job applicants, they (and other organizations) can charge the losers $500 for the privilege of a  bullshit interview.

Needless to say, Ms Meyer leapt at the opportunity this offered.  Not at the opportunity to pay $500 to attend a job fair, but at the opportunity to write one of the all-time classic responses.  Here’s a taste.

Hi [Redacted],

I wanted to thank you for reaching out to me when thinking of ways to meet your quota for the Sports Sales Combine.

After careful review I must decline. I realize I may be burning a bridge here, but in the spirit of reciprocity, I would like to extend you a counter-offer to suck my dick. Clearly, I don’t have one of these, so my offer makes about as much sense as yours. But for the price you’re charging to attend the event, I’m sure I would have no problem borrowing one.

Managers like you have found this to be the most authentic training available. Real, hands-on experience getting you on your way to perfecting the techniques you will need to climb the corporate ladder. In these tough economic times, it’s always good to widen your skill set.

That’s a good taste, but you really should read the whole thing.  At any rate, her response was quickly shared through the industry.  Reaction has been mixed, ranging from offense to enthusiasm.

“She’s a hit here in Cleveland,” a staffer with the Cleveland Gladiators wrote. “I bet she lands a job…Our top guy with the Glads has been talking for 5 minutes straight how he wants to hire her…I love when people shake s— up.”

I find the follow up email that triggered the response more damning by adding insult to injury.   Whether it was their intent or not, the message that Ms Meyer received was something like:  “We have no interest in your services, but if you’re stupid enough to keep filling out job applications, maybe you’ll be stupid enough to pay us $500 that you don’t have for us to pretend to like you for a few days.”  I wouldn’t have recommended sending the letter, but I’d have been pissed off, too.

And in the end, while it may have closed some doors, it seems to have opened others:

While some of the responses were negative, the way the email boomeranged throughout the sports world has proved to be a plus in Meyer’s job hunt.

In the last week she’s heard from the kinds of major players in the sports world that she had only dreamed of working for before.

I hope she gets one of those jobs.

h/t Ace of Spades


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