Controversial Blogger (not this one) Looks for New Home

Carlos Miller of Photography is not a Crime has received an eviction notice from Pixiq.

After almost two years of blogging on Pixiq, I received notice that my services would no longer be needed, meaning I have to find a new home for Photography is Not a Crime by next month.

Carlos doesn’t hold a grudge, and in fact, seemed to see it coming.

I knew this day would come, even when I signed an agreement with Barnes and Nobles, which owns Sterling Publishing, which owns Pixiq.

But I hold no resentment. No anger. No ill-wishes against Pixiq.

Given his equanimity, I’ll refrain from calling the people in charge of Pixiq a bunch of sniveling, ass-kissing, pathetic weenies that wouldn’t know a socially important blog if it walked up and kicked them in their non-existent testicles.

Of course, considering I’m basically a huge coward myself, I can’t blame them too much.  Still, I’ll miss the blog.  On the other hand, unless I’ve completely misjudged Mr. Miller, we’ll see a new site very soon.  When that happens, I’ll be sure to link to it.  It’s a very interesting and important blog, and I’m looking forward to many more years of him pissing off police that do a shitty job.


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