But Will it Shoot Huge Lightning Bolts Over the Sound? (Updated: Nearly a Cool Mil…Oy!)

Matthew Inman, aka the Oatmeal (aka “The Evil and Most Villainous Duce of the Illuminati Bastards” at the Charles Carreon Household–back story here) is trying his hand at another online fundraiser, one that he hopes will go just as viral, or even more viraler than his first attempt.

He’s attempting to raise up to $850,000 to buy Nikola Tesla’s old laboratory on Long Island.  I daresay this strikes me as a rather ambitious goal.  However, as of this writing, he’s nearly at $100,000 with 45 more days to go, so what the hell do I know?  All I know is that I hope he’s successful, because I’d like to see a giant Tesla coil absolutely zap the hell out of Long Island.  That would totally be worth the price of admission in my book.

One of these. Only much bigger and more awesome.


Click here to donate if you are so inclined.

Bigass Tesla coil image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons user Fir0002

Update:  Holy Hoppin’ Hippos!  He’s over halfway there in less than 24hrs.

Update 2:  Oy anna half!  He’s over his goal, and nearly to a cool million dollars with 37 days left.

And I thought 200-and-change thousand was impressive…


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