I Certainly Feel Safe

Our TSA, in concert with the NY Port Authority, has another feather in its cap.  Seems that a jet skier breached the perimeter fence at New York’s JFK airport:

A stranded jet-skier seeking help effortlessly overcame the Port Authority’s $100 million, supposedly state-of-the-art security system at JFK Airport — walking undetected across two runways and into a terminal, The Post has learned.

This, however, was no ordinary jet skier, no sir.  This was Drunken Jet Ski Guy (DJSG).  The sly and furtive DJSG hopped an 8-foot fence, crossed two runways, and made it inside before being arrested by alert security personnel, who were no doubt tipped off by clothing that didn’t appear suitable for an airline flight, including a bright yellow life vest and (presumably) swim trunks.  I think he also asked a Delta gate agent for a lift back home.  And another beer.

I have to say that such attention to detail is one thing that separates the boys in blue from us mere civilians.  Such professionalism under pressure should make us proud.  Lowering the Bar also points out that it was perfectly understandable–part of the plan, in fact–why they might miss DJSG’s stealthy, ninja-like entry into Terminal 3.

To be fair to security personnel, this does seem to have happened at night, a time during which security can be relaxed because terrorists are known to be afraid of the dark.

Yessireebob, the TSA can add another dangerous criminal to its bag of we’ve-captured-or-confiscated-everything-but-an-actual-terrorist.


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