Our Sister of the Blessed Panzer

Well, with the number of views of this blog hovering at an average of about 0.04 per week, I’m feeling like I might want to do some marketing. Of course, I’ve never been very good at ringing my own bell, and feel very much like I’m in an Oatmeal cartoon (specifically, this guy).

I don’t wanna look like that guy.  Of course, if I’m going to get my marketing advice from an internet cartoonist, I might as well go all in and do the whole nuns-in-tanks thing.  So without further ado, here comes the first installment of an epic story of love, honor, God, and big-ass guns:

Malleus Dei

by VPJ

Sargent Sister Mary Theresa took a final look over the treeline and let the binoculars fall down around her neck. She took a moment and gratefully felt the circulation come back into her arms. The heathen enemy were out there, that much she knew. They had engaged the Swiss Guard earlier in the day and been repulsed, thank God, but they’d be back in force soon. Her unit, the 5th Sisters of Mercy Armored Division, hadn’t seen action in months and Sister Mary felt a twinge of anticipation. She tucked her hair back under her camouflage habit and took solace in the armor surrounding her, both the steel of the L-XV Malleus Dei main battle tank she rode in and the halo of holy righteousness infusing her cause.

She put her hand on the .50 caliber machine gun mounted next to her on top of the turret and nodded grimly. They’d be ready.

Oh yeah.  Big things are coming my way now.


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