I’d Buy It

The Daily Mail’s delicate sensibilities are horribly offended at this 23,000 sq ft fixer-upper.

Cigar tycoon Richard Deer is selling up, having uprooted to Miami with his wife. But will anyone want his bizarre mansion, with its marble walls, velour carpeting and of course life-size stormtroopers?

These promotional photographs, from realtor.com, show the 23,000sqft property in Carmel, Indiana, worth $5.5 million, in all its hideous glory.

That it may be, but come on…

Playing pool with Darth V is worth the price of admission alone.  Of course, I don’t have $5.5 million just burning a hole in my pocket, so I will have to set aside the possibility of being strangled by the Dark Lord himself and continue playing pool in low-rent bars.


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