Fire or Acid for Trolls, Dummy!

It’s well-known that you cannot permanently kill a troll unless you burn the corpse with fire or acid.

When we last left our story, the infamous copyright troll Righthaven had been soundly thrashed in court by lawyers from the EFF, Marc Randazza Legal Group, and others.  It had been beaten down so badly in so many cases that all who looked upon the corpse pronounced it well and truly dead.  So dead that a judge placed the company in receivership where its assets (such as were left by then) were auctioned off to pay for damages and legal fees to the people they had sued.  I think they made about $6.50 at that point, but I may be off a bit.

But like the mythical troll, Righthaven is trying to get back up and re-enter the fray.

Righthaven’s former chief executive wants a judge to resurrect the firm in order to appeal a court decision that found it was not infringement for an individual, who had no profit motive, to re-post an entire story online.

I’m no lawyer.  Nor do I play one on TV.  However, since their agreement with the Las Vegas Review Journal came to light, which showed that they didn’t own the copyrights that they were suing over, they don’t really seem to have done very well in court.  I think the term is 0-for-ever.  Even the biggest cock-eyed optimist would have to consider that the odds are infinitesimally low that a  grand reversal of fortune is likely to occur.  And yet, shuffling forward like some low-grade zombie, is former Righthaven CEO Steve Gibson.

Steve Gibson, Righthaven’s former chief executive, said if Righthaven prevails on appeal it could “return to a going concern” and satisfy its debts.

Alas, the Wired article didn’t quote him as saying “braaaaainnnnsssss…”  Still, whether zombie, troll, or some other horrible denizen of the netherworld, I have to give Mr. Gibson credit for persistence.

I think several flaming 55-gallon drums of acid may be needed here.  And a wooden stake too, just in case.


Edit:  All that babbling and I forgot to tip the hat to Righthaven Lawsuits for the original link


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