Mayor Bloomberg States that, due to Gun Laws, Americans Don’t Actually Need Cops

Well, I suppose that’s not his intent, the exact opposite, in fact, but I can think of a few places where the citizenry might be just as happy to self-police.  Still, it’s an idiot suggestion.  Per Ed at Hot Air:

Last night, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg went on CNN’s Piers Morgan show to discuss the need for expanded gun control in the wake of the massacre in Aurora, Colorado last week. Bloomberg suggested that police across the country go on strike to demand greater gun control legislation…

As for Bloomberg’s idiotic suggestion, I would love to see him react to a threatened police strike in NYC over money or working conditions or whatnot.  As petulant as he is, I suspect that he’d probably throw a tantrum of epic proportions.  Or jack taxes up so high that everyone who could afford to do so would leave.  Then he’d whine about that too (the exodus, not the taxes).

Oh well, he can always make himself feel better by banning something people enjoy.  Maybe he’ll go for unprotected sex next time.  Or just regulate the fuck out of it (bad pun intended).  It would certainly make enforcement interesting.  For that matter, it might end any talk of a police strike if they get to watch.

Edited to add quote from Hot Air, which should make this whole post less nonsensical.


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