Paying for it

The boys in the legal department posted this little ditty about a site that gives nothing but happy, hold-hands-and-sing-kumbaya-while-rainbows-fly-out-of-our-butts book reviews.  Ken doesn’t seem to think that a no criticism review site is particularly useful.

I have an opinion about book review blogs that charge authors to review their books. I don’t trust them. I have an opinion about book review blogs that say they only print positive reviews. I don’t trust them either, and I particularly don’t trust them when they are the same sites that charge for reviews.

I dunno.  I suppose such a site could give useful information to readers about what is a good read and what isn’t.   After all, they could very well be living by the old saying of “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all.”  I mean, it’s not like they’re charging money to authors or anyth–wait a tic…*re-reading quote*…looks like they do charge.


Oh, and there’s some censorious thuggery issues too.  I mean, if you think that sort of thing important and whatnot.


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